Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Into the evenings

I have resumed my previously forgotten schedual of staying up into the early morning hours and working on things. Its a good time for the creative process, when everyone else is sleeping. I know I am least likely to be caught in the act, which is something I hate. I like to begin just as the footsteps of my roommates over head die down, and end when the morning birds start their pre dawn routine. There is a freedom to this time, I know nothing else wants for my attention. The downside is I then sleep for most of the day...I like to think I am sleeping through the boring parts of life. But its the habit that feels good, even when the work is shit. Its good to have a steady flow after months of nothingness. Thats why I always refer to drawing (insert any long suffering creative endeavour) as "the lover that never leaves." I can neglect it, fight against it, promise to never do it again. But when I submit, it is always there just as I left it and ready to embrace me again.

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